Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Why is it we’re so scared???

Not scared about what happens in August or end of July … but scared about things that don’t fall into the “normal pregnancy” situations. Like – I didn’t have any nausea or “morning sickness” until week 9 with a bit of a bigger bout since Sunday. Bit late, eh? And that’s not “sick sick” but just feeling a bit funny tummy wise, not that I have to hug the toilet bowl any time soon.

Or then the fact that I am not ravenous with 2 beans in there? When I told DH this today when he phoned to say he’s leaving work, he totally went panicky thinking things are wrong, we’re not pregnant anymore etc.
So … while people are being told to "enjoy pregnancy” (as far as you can … with all the sickness, nausea, constipation (sorry TMI), HEADACHES etc.) WE CAN’T! Not just yet. Not until at least week 12.

Think that’s normal for people who went through IVF 5 times and nearly decided to switch clinics after the 6th attempt … and then it works. And for couples who had only 1 positive result which ended up to be an early m/c at week 5/6 ….

Wish I could just stop that worrying, but I’m not even convinced it will be better after next week Tuesday.
I should though … I’ll start week 12 tomorrow, and they usually say that week 11/week 12 is already reducing risk of m/c. And the nurses & doctor said that once you see the heartbeat you’ve already reduced the risks. Given that you won’t see the heartbeat until week 12 in normal pregnancy (i.e. no IVF/ICSI) I SHOULD be less worried … but then you read those “horror stories” about “Vanishing twin syndrome” and “missed m/c” (i.e.  no bleeding/pain).

Think I need some positive enforcement … some music might help…

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