Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Body still against me…

3rd day in a row where I am not 100%, but fortunately first work day … All ok, “just” Tension headaches at the neck and feeling a bit dizzy/nauseous. Should be ok for work tomorrow.

Otherwise things are ok, time flies and DH and I are looking into holidays for this year (Germany and London and maybe something else).

Still no crafty stuff done, but there’s still hope … SOMETHING at least on Friday … or Saturday… or maybe Superbowl Sunday while DH and BIL are playing Lasertag?

Currently planning 2 things for scrapbooking (one of which a CJ we will do at our crop) and a mini-album which I really should do asap (but mojo is missing). And then I’ll have to look into cross stitch or knitting small things while watching TV. Instead of spending that much time on Facebook, really. I HAVE already deleted some of the FB games, mind.

And maybe quilting a bit, but that is for a weekend or so where I have NOTHING planned. And I’ll have to check for fabrics first really. Winking smile

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