Sunday, 6 February 2011

What I learned today (11W4D)

I have to deal with that heartburn … will have to search for the Gaviscon liquid sachets and have some with me all the time.
Following items causing problems:
  • Chocolate (humm!!!)
  • Shortbread biccies (hohumm!!)
  • Citrus fruit
  • Chocolate
  • Fybogel!!! (and I have to drink that twice per day because of other reasons … cannot WIN??)
Else – me feeling bad must mean Chip & Chap are doing perfect … mmmh? Fortunately the 12-week-scan is Tuesday morning, as things that come up on the internet are really scary for me. Big sis said during telephone call today that I shouldn’t read that stuff, I’m now at the stage to read up how to handle the nappy changing etc. LOL.
Ah well… skipping Gym today (haven’t been at all this week as I started to feel slightly dizzy and nauseous last week Sunday) but will have to go back tomorrow.
Now searching for that elusive Gaviscon liquid in my rucksack and then will take it after dinner …

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