Monday, 12 January 2009

Tidy Pantry (12 of 365)

Tidy Pantry
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Here are the "after" pictures. :) Think I've done a fairly good job, just have to make the spreadsheet for the stock keeping so we don't buy the umpteens can of sweetcorn (ok, I let DH off with that!! ;) ) or condensed milk. Just have to figure out a way to store all the dried fruits/pulses etc (top shelf) - will look into boxes.

Latharia/Pam - I've got a bad track record with Flylady... I start every year but somehow don't seem to get past the "shine your sink". I will try again this year however... as usual. :) Maybe I am getting any further this time.

Off to check my belated Christmas pressie
(well... got money for birthday and Christmas from my Dad and step-mum so ordered stuff from my wishlist on Amazon)... got the other 2 books from "The New Covent Garden Soup Co", Sharon!!! :D


Maggie said...

wow very good organization, I organized all my cardstocks today :)
Thanks for stopping by
Good Luck on winning the gift Certificate :)

sharonfruit said...

Wow! Well done you! It looks fab :o)

I have to admit I have only ever made two soups out of my book. They were very tasty though!

S xx

Kat said...

Sharon, you really HAVE to make the Haggis, Neeps & Tatties one - it's YUMM!!

Latharia said...

I'm sure you'll figure out some kind of organization that works for ya! :D