Sunday, 4 January 2009

Nope, not feeling well

Face feels puffy. Throat was aching a little when I woke up, but that's gone now, thanks to hot liquid (Chai Latte - courtesy of DH!). Body feels a bit battered though. Think it's still the head cold that's stuck and won't come out. Glands still swollen.

Was thinking of going to the gym today but don't want to aggravate and end up with dizzy spells again. So instead I will take it slowly by taking the tree down (ok.. not really TAKING IT EASY but it won't cause my pulse to go up too much IYKWIM).

Else? Need to start tidying the master bedroom, and clean the ensuite. So assume I better get out of bed now... ;)

Working tomorrow (as asked by boss due to being short staffed) and Tuesday, and the rest of the week will be all in tidying as well... but I hope to manage some crafting as well!

Tonight is TV evening for DH - Dolphins are in the play-offs after a 1-15 result in 2007 they are now the AFC East Champs (11-5 so far)!! So from 6pm that's all that's on SKY for our household... might sit through the first 1/2 but then retreat upstairs? Who knows.

Ok...let's go and deal with that tree!!

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sharonfruit said...

Hope you feel better soon, hun! I'd love a trip away for Hogmanay 2009. Better get looking at ski lessons ;o)

S xx