Thursday, 15 January 2009

Day 15 - Skype!

Day 15 - Skype!
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Photo 15 of 365 was taken shortly after I've been off SKYPE with my best friend Sharon - we've not talked since she'd been up end of November and texts/e-mails/Facebook messages just don't count. So we've been on SKYPE for nearly 2 hours! ;)

Don't you just love Skype? We've installed it at my Mutsch as well, now we just have to try and figure out whether we get it to work ... might try to speak to her tomorrow or Monday - would be great to speak to her before she's off to the next OP end of this month.

I've also spoken to my best friend (from Germany) Markus (Sharon and he have to share that spot!! ;) ). He was planning to come up for a visit in Autumn (which he couldn't do because of work & health) and then for Hogmanay (where the prices were just HORRENDOUS) - so we invited him up for SuperBowl weekend ... which he got a good flight price for and he'll be up from 31.1. - 4.2. WAHEY!! Haven't seen him since we went together to the London NFL game in 2007!! So over a year! Will be great to see him again. AP has agreed that he's ok moving into the bunk beds for that time - it's times like these that I am glad we have more than 1 spare room!!

Else ... I've been making cards today (that would be projects 1&2 of 100!) and finally sent off 4 small parcels to Germany ... 3 for Birthday swaps (one of which is 3 weeks late!!) and a belated Xmas/Hogmanay pressie for my big sis. OOPS! Now I just have to finish off the BIA calendar for my Dad & Jutta (which of course is already a couple of days old *sigh*) and that's me up to speed ... with presents that is. Then it's scrapping for myself. :D

Mmmh... you could think I LOVE my Cuttlebug, eh??? ;) Now, I've just to find that Butterflies Combo die/embossing set ... like the heart you can see on card #4...

Went to the gym ... all went fine with the rowing (2000m in 9:31 mins - my instructor told me the average of an untrained person doing this distance is 12mins .. WAHEY!! And that's on "level" 10!!), the bike... but when I was doing the Crosstrainer I flagged at 9:30 mins, i.e. I got dizzy (always on the crosstrainer .. not sure why that is!!). Knowing my body I just stopped at 10 mins, took a swiss ball and had a lie down with feet up (people probably thought I'd do ab crunches!! ;) ). Was ok after 2 mins, went back to the crosstrainer to finish my 20 mins and then on to the bike again for the usual 15 mins. My hammies were KILLLING me, but Stewart told me what to do on the power plate (50Hz, 30 seconds with deep squats and that twice).... and my hamstrings have been fine!! No aching at all!! :)

Oh ... dinner was broth ... good ol' broth. I think the Brits eat far too much blended soups ... what's the point! I like my good old German broths! ;) Nice with Carrots, Potatos, Peas (this time I opted for Broad Beans instead - and it was very nice!), leek and brussel sprouts (yumm!) ... and round it up with some Fleischwurst (smoked pork sausage).

Today's to-do list therefore looks VERY good ...
  • Gym
  • Make 4 Cards
  • Take Photo
  • Skype with Sharon
  • Gym
  • Wrap remaining presents
  • Send 4 small parcels for swaps
  • Cook Dinner
  • Make Layout for Crop Chinese Whisper


Kit said...

thanks kat. they got somebody.

have changed that link to a darker colour thanks for that!

sharonfruit said...

It was fabby to chat yesterday, hun! I'm more than happy to share best friend status with Markus - lol!

I love the cards too! Where did you get the stamp on the first one? It's lovely! I wish I could have made it to Stampers Grove before they shut down to get some the Rennie Mac stamps but twas not to be :o(

S xx

PinkLadyMel said...

Skype.. One day I might venture out of my little box and try some technology ;)

Love your cards.. Would love a cuttlebug!!

Mel x