Friday, 2 January 2009

Day 2 of 2009

Went to work today - with the car, as there was only "special service" on LRT. :o DH drove us to his office and then I was trying to navigate around this week's closed roads etc - ended up having to go up Leith Walk!

Finding a car parking space was another matter - lots of double yellows around, a couple of single yellows (and DH warned me that the traffic wardens do not treat today as a bank holiday/Sunday - although shops and even Royal Mail do so - so I didn't DARE to park in the bay at work!) and tons of "Residents only". Found a space close to work but it was ticketed ... and it was a rip-off of £1.20 per HOUR! So I decided to drive to the car park further down which usually costs around £6 or £7 but there was nobody there. Decided to put a note in the window with the time I arrived, just to be fair.

At work we were told that there was not much on the system work, but I found enough problem cases to keep me going for the 7 hours. Have been working so intensly on one case that I only remembered to have lunch at 2:30pm!!!

Had my camera with me at work (the small one from BIL) but just didn't get the chance to take photos - was sooo busy.

Got back to the car to find that the wee booth was still closed, so got free parking afterall!! :)

Quick trip to Matalan (which closed early today) but didn't find anything that jumped out at me. Have to say though - MORE ORGANISED THAN M&S!!!

After Dinner we watched the Franky Boyle DVD DH bought ... I have to say... he's not THAT funny ... and I prefer him "censored" (FB that is ... not DH! ;) ). Prefer Dara O'Briain, Russel Howard and Michael McIntyre I have to say.

Oh - the photo is the view out of our back window at night - eerie light, eh?

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