Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Chocs & musings

Today's photo shows one of the chocs I am missing from my old home and cannot get here... fortunately there's my Mutsch who provides me with it from time to time - part of Xmas presents and duly eaten between Xmas and now. :) TA MUTSCH!! (LOL)

Else ... been to the gym straight from work (planning on going every WORK day - not sure about weekends) for 45 - 60 mins. Currently still on 45 mins as the head cold virus is still troubling me. Still feel dizzy after working out on the cross trainer, but my blood tests came back "normal" ... well, in my eyes it can't be normal that I suddenly (since December) feel dizzy when doing the cross trainer. Have been fairly regularly to the gym since September and been there 3x60 mins per week... with 20 mins on the cross trainer (now only doing 15). Soooo... have appointment with the docs next Monday to talk about my results.

Enjoyed watching "Eurosport" while gymming ... somehow miss the Winter Sports stuff - Sky Sports is usually only used for NFL stuff nowadays and gets cancelled before SuperBowl again until September. Didn't realise how much I enjoy watching Winter Sports really.

Also fancy going away for my birthday this year ... just for a week. Quite like the idea to go to Switzerland/Austria/Bavaria with DH and Sharon & Graeme if they fancy coming along (and I know Sharon is interested.... ;) )... and maybe even get family or Markus down for it? Snow for birthday.. would be fab!! Think your feelings about birthdays are changing the older you get - as a Teen or even Twen I didn't like being away from home for my birthday. I know one of my birthdays we spent in Tyrol/Austria with family friends... when was that ... 11 birthday? Something like that? And I HATED it! Being away from friends etc.

Nowadays ... birthdays are nothing special, just normal days ... ok with presents, but we don't have big parties etc. Going out for a meal or DH cooking steak dinner.


Well, that's it for today - think DH and I may be watching another episode of "Chuck" (FAB TV series - you GOTTA watch it!!) before lights out.

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