Friday, 9 January 2009

I WILL scrap today!!

Yup, that's my promise to myself for today. :)

Had to get up at 6:30am for meds, DH got up same time for work. I went straight back to bed with eyeshades so he could leave on the bed side light, but I never realised how much racket he makes while shaving/showering/getting dressed/having breakfast downstairs. :o So I didn't really have the most restful sleep.

Totally shattered, still sore from Wednesday, so I am going to take my duvet day today ... will go to the gym mind, but the rest is all for me.

Tomorrow I'll be doing more household chores then - both DH and AP are out of the house until late evening, so I will have time to myself. :)

Let's see how much I can manage to scrap/craft today. :)

Oh ... and to answer Sharon's question - I didn't brayer the Wolves stamps. I've just used a StazOn inkpad.

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Dörte said...

Hi ... weißt du was mir gerade so einfällt ?? Kennst du (kennt ihr) den Film "Facing the Giants" ??? Ich glaub den solltest du UNBEDINGT mal kucken ... aber bitte bitte nur mit deinem Mann zusammen und mit Taschentuch ;o)))