Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wishing for a Duvet day...

Woke up with very swollen glands...sore throat again... hope the cuppa tea is doing its work.

Yep, I am wishing for a duvet day, but I've got far too much to do again for the rest of the week. Bad enough I'm still in PJs right now ... but about to get up and follow my to do list for today.

  • Clean ensuite
  • Put away ironed clothes
  • make inroads in tidying master bedroom
  • Take photo for 365 challenge
  • E-mail junior contacts to our Junior HC
  • E-mail Registration numbers of now Youth players to Forth Fusion GM
  • E-mail DH with dimensions for Wolves Stamps
  • Gym for 45 mins
  • make Dinner

And then I have the tiny hope of being able to do some crafty stuff.... :D We'll see...

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Sarah said...

hi Kat :)

hope you are getting on well with your to do list (and if not, don't beat yourself up!)

just had to drop you a quick note because last night I was having an idle flick throuhg my very first CJ, the photography one we both did back in 2005.

I had completely forgotten that the photos you had used in my journal were sports photography. I appreciate them so much more now. You probably don't even remember which pics you used but there was one of one of your defenders taking one of the opposition down - it's a BRILLIANT photo!

Since that CJ I (previously totally disinterested in sport) have been bitten hard by the ice hockey bug, and now regularly take photos of my local team. I am still a long way from taking great photos, but have had pics in the last 4 match night programmes (full pages in the last 3) so I must be doing something right :)

I even watch American Football occasionally too, nowadays, when there's no hockey on NASN and I just want to hear that soothing North American commentary :)

Anyway, just thought I'd touch base, as it seems we now have more in common now than ever :)

take care

Sarah (Flo) x