Tuesday, 13 January 2009

13 of 365

Belated Xmas pressie
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Just a short note - didn't sleep well and had less than 6 hours sleep ... then work, and then shopping for food (in between the news that a water main burst close to my home and we didn't have any water until afternoon!).

Dinner was Risotto, and I didn't leave Tesco until 5pm (and they still didn't have Aborio (sp?) Rice)) so decided against gymming tonight - feeling totally zapped anyway. So today was my "break day" - will go gymming Wed/Thu/Fri then.

Risotto was VERY good ... and I did it by eye ... nothing was measured.. LOL. Easiest thing really.

Anyway, today's photo are the books I received yesterday as a belated Xmas present. Still waiting for 3 more: "Photo Freedom" by Stacy Julian (currently out of stock), "Month by Month Scrapbooking" by Amanda Probst (pre-order) and "Houseworks - Cut the Clutter, Speed your Cleaning and Calm the Chaos" by Cynthia Townley Ewer (she of "OrganizedHome.com" ;) )

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Latharia said...

What a great thing for you to record. I love getting books as gifts!