Thursday, 1 January 2009

Corstorphine Hill Walk

Quick decision around 3:15pm to go for a walk afterall. I had a look for the details of the geocaches on the website but there was not much of a map/plan - obviously! You're supposed to go for the coordinates, and without a GPS it's a bit of a problem.

We've never been up Corstorphine Hill, so this was quite an interesting walk. It's yet another big green/woody expanse in Edinburgh - I am always amazed how many of those we actually have!!

We didn't cover a lot of ground, basically just to Corstorphine Hill Tower and a bit further, all the while me (and later DH and AP as well) searching for a place where the cache could be. But without a proper map with coordinates or a GPS we were lost ... and of course the light was fading fairly quickly as well.

DH said it's a spooky area, but I think it's just nice to have such a green expanse close to our house.

Went back home around 4:30pm (got dark very quickly!!) and I did some copying of photos onto the laptop, installing the Canon tools and editing the pic below for my 1. picture of 2009 (365 challenge).

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