Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hello from the Combat Zone....

Why does it always look WORSE when you tidy stuff than it looked before (before it looks better after tidying)? The pantry itself looks better, but I have now half of the stuff in the living room & kitchen ... aaarrrgghhh!!! Fed up! :( Would like to drop everything now but will have to go ahead with the stuff. I'm doing inventory at the same time (it's scary when you come across stuff dated 2006 hidden away in a corner... isn't it??? ;)

And that's not all!!! Getting phone calls/messages from DH and DFIL about car battery, tried starting the car at 3:30pm and it just did a little sound and then stopped again. So DH got a bit agitated (he's down south in Doncaster for the BAFL Scheduling Meeting...well, he's on the train back home now) because he's not home and can't help to fix it (doubt he would have reacted different IF he'd been home mind! ;) ) and of course I couldn't explain things properly (just a little woman here! :( ). So started charging again, DFIL phoned to "hear" the car over the phone which meant I had to uncable/replug (whatever) the battery again, start the car (which it did! wahey!!) and then put the battery back onto the charger to keep it going until DH comes back tonight.

Currently enjoying a cup Chai Latte and taking a break. And yes ... I WANTED to do some scrapping today... even had some Mojo returning... instead I have to take notes and then try my luck tomorrow after Wolves training. Or I take 1/2 day on Monday for crafties. ... That sounds actually even more appealing!! ;)

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Pam said...

hey Kat-you should register with's great for getting you organised!! thanks for the comments on my blog- those photos of Emily are flattering..