Saturday, 3 January 2009

3 of 365 and the 11th Doctor

Not a very inspired photo today, and only taken with BIL's small digi point & shoot. DH has been stocking up on Lego over the last year and used the time off over Xmas to build some of them. ;)

Had a bit of a rush today - first a longer lie in, then worked on a couple of e-mails and then we decided to go shopping... ended up a bit of a longer trip as everyone and his dog seemed to be out at McArthur Glen!

I managed to get some clothes (including one pair of trousers for work) and also got some tape runner at the Papermill (plus the last purchase before the 100 projects challenge - a "Pay per box" with A4 card). Then a quick trip to Julian Graves (they still don't sell those cookies anymore DH is after! :( ) and Aldi (which looked like they didn't have any delivery today at all - hardly any fruit & veg in! Because of that we had to go to Lidl (still not all we wanted) and Tesco, and DH got fairly antsy because we wanted to be home in time for "Dr Who Confidential" for the announcement of the 11th Doctor.

We missed the first 15-20 mins so didn't hear the original announcement, but when they were talking about "the youngest Doctor" DH just KNEW who it's going to be (me being totally oblivious!) and he was't happy at all! When I saw him, I had to agree (and it's not because I will miss seeing DT as the Doctor!) ... I mean.. come-on .. Matt Smith? Why do the Doctors have to get younger? And now even younger than US??? How is that going to work out when he's going to meet his "daughter" again??? Huh???

DH was hoping for Paterson Joseph to take over ..


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