Sunday, 4 January 2009

Tree is out

...and the boxes in the Master Bedroom waiting for the Dolphins Wildcard game to be over (that would be around 9ish) so DH and I can move them up to the loft... You know Michael McIntyre's routine about the loft??? ;) That's more or less DH ... as well as the "Man Drawer". LOL.

I've decided to leave the master bedroom and ensuite for later the week ... most likely on Wednesday ... maybe do some inroads Monday and/or Tuesday evening after work.
Instead I may have a go at something crafty ... maybe a CJ entry or so while half watching "Cheaper by the Dozen II". :D

In the worst case clearing some space in the study (which needs a full clean & purge as well as the master bedroom!!). Today's photo is this A pic of the last 2 boxes to go upstairs to the loft. :D

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