Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Our car at 7am this morning

Totally frozen over, and it was absolutely cold. During work and while I was at the gym the weather must have gotten warmer as there was a sllight drizzle, but when I walked from the gym back home it was freezing again.

(Duck at the pond at work - they're usually
gone until Spring!)

Currently sitting with my blankie on to warm up my feet which are still cold (have circulation problems from time to time). :(

A couple more photos of today - taken with the point & shoot camera which has problems with dusky pictures..

Oh ... managed to get back onto the 1 hour regime today, although the 20 mins on the cross trainer nearly killed me (at least no dizzyness this time!!) after 15 mins on the bike & 9.40 mins on the rowing machine (2000 m).

(my "local" - lol, GYM)

I'll declare tomorrow a CRAFT DAY (and this time I REALLY REALLY mean it!!!) - have lots to do in preparation of the 12-hour-crop on Saturday and also have to send out some Birthday swaps and belated Xmas/New Years presents. ;)

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Latharia said...

I'm trying to send some snow your way .... honestly! :D I hope your fun craft day is a roaring success!!! :)