Friday, 16 January 2009

Bus busy busy...

Rowing Result
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... as usual before a crop ... but this time even more as it's the 12 hour crop. :o AND I had to do my Chinese Whisper layout (which I only finished 15 mins ago!).

But ... stuff is packed (and this time I'm NOT taking everything but the kitchen sink!!) and now I just have to print some photos ... :o Think I'm going to do that tomorrow at 7am ... I have to get up at 6:30am for meds anyway (really should have just convinced myself that I can take the meds at work during the day as well... or go back to getting up at 7am for work!! ;) ), so may do it then. :)

Today's photo is evidence of my rowing skills ... and this time it was including two 1mins breaks to drink some water. Usually I manage without, but usually I start off with the rowing instead with the Crosstrainer which I did today (just to see if that helps the dizzyness). But still - even with the 2 little breaks I managed to stay under 10 mins for 2000m. Not bad, eh? :)

Tomorrow's photo will be something at the crop, obviously. Just have to remember to pack a camera.... :o

Off to select new bed linen now and ask DH to come up to turn the mattress.


PinkLadyMel said...

With all this exercise you can turn the mattress yourself can't you.. RAHHH!! LOL I am exhausted reading your post now.. whew!

Just forgot to answer you last time, I cut the font on my card using my craft robo.

Mel x

Kat said...

Actually ... I did! ;) It was just a side flip, so was able to do that myself. ;)

Latharia said...

I hope you have a great time at the crop! You are a rowing master! I haven't used the rowing machine in years. More of a stationary bike/elliptical trainer kind of gal. :)