Monday, 12 January 2009

It's Monday again

Sitting here, sipping some tea for late-ish breakfast... Didn't sleep too well, so am a bit tired, but hope I'll be better soon.

To-do list today:
  • Breakfast
  • Fill dishwasher
  • Finish off Pantry
  • Take daily photo
  • Gym
  • Doctors Appointment
  • Scrapbooking
  • Dinner
  • Edit/post daily photo
  • E-mail forms to Chris
  • Order prizes for Crop
Doesn't look too much ... depending on how long the pantry finishing takes of course... :)

Oh ... I've also updated my playlist. Thanks to my scrapping friends in Germany and their "Scrapping the Music Germany" I found some new German songs (well... newer than the 90s!) I really like. Shame not all are available for the Playlist, like "Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen" from Söhne Mannheims which is below (thanks to YouTube)

ETA: My SB orders arrived this morning - just realised I didn't get enough stuff for the Crop for prizes, so will have to do that today ASAP so we get it in time for the crop on Saturday. :o Added to the list. :o

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