Monday, 5 January 2009

It's COLD!!

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When I left the house our car windows were frozen and the road/side walk was icy. We had a nice crisp sunny winter day - without the snow. :( Nothing. NADA... while everywhere else there seems to have been snow... :(

Today's photo is a picture of my work - it's not the nicest building really, brown glass structure, but we have a pond, and it's not toooo bad really. Close to Arthur's Seat as well.

Got an e-mail from my big sis stating she's leaving early to go sledding with my nephew... they had snow in the Main Taunus Area in Hesse.

And elsewhere in Germany too...

And in England....

Just up here, we've got a nice sunny (well, at least not RAINY) day ... with temps at -2 degrees when I left the gym at 6:30pm. :o

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