Thursday, 1 January 2009

Hello 2009

Not sure what we're doing today - we decided not to go to the cinema, so may do some crafting and maybe go for a walk?

Sitting here, the 3 of us surfing the net - sounds unsocial, but to be honest, we can chat away while being online, better than one of us being upstairs. ;)

New Year's Eve was weird ... it really feels like I am 1 week behind with everything (Christmas and New Year). We watched The Big Fat Quiz of 2008 and the new Michael McIntyre DVD yesterday - which is really FAB! Specially the "Man Drawer" and the "Loft" (pic taken while watching the DVD), nearly missed midnight, didn't have any bubbly (non-alcoholic or alcoholic) to welcome the new year ... as I said, quite weird.

Not sure if I am happy with that. Even had to take the only photo of fireworks from the TV!! :o

Currently installing Photoshop CS3 on my new laptop - the old one was not strong enough, neither is my old PC - and the new one is not set up yet. So I am planning on doing a bit of photo editing later this week.

Work tomorrow - not really looking forward to it, but hey ... I'll take the car in, drop DH off and then can drive home sharply after work.

Haven't done any New Year's aspirations yet (DH has sent me his on the 30th already), haven't picked a word for 2009 (as per Ali Edwards) either, and then there are a couple of challenges I want to take part ... one being the 365 Photo challenge from Pam (Wombat on UKS) - i.e. to produce a photo a day. Should be able to manage, just not sure if I can upload them, considering that I am shooting more and more in RAW.

Other challenges are "Use your Stash" - there's one on Dani Peuss' Forum about 100 projects (incl. cards, mini albums etc.) before you buy new stash, and Kimmy is doing Own Stash Kits. Pretty sure DH would be VERY happy with me doing either of them.

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