Thursday, 29 January 2009

(good) Morning!!

Don't you just hate that? It's your day off work, you have to take early meds (6:30am) and were hoping for going back to bed for another 2 hours or so ... and then you cannot sleep!!

I have a little headache, DH had to get up early for work and his phone alarm was going off a couple of times and there's just no way you can shave and shower quietly in an en-suite.

So now I am up and about. Was thinking of going to the gym very early today (that was my thought yesterday), as in 7am, but decided against it (because of the headache). Hoping I will fall asleep again soon, or I will have to take an afternoon nap. :o

Today will see me stamping more Wolves season tickets, making hopefully 2 CJ entries and Layouts (crafty day! WAHEY!) and going to the gym. Let's hope for the best on that front. :)

So... may read a bit ... or maybe edit photos so I can show you my last couple (????!!) PODs... :D

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