Saturday, 31 January 2009

Day before Superbowl

Yup, very important day. It's the day where we sort out the raffle prizes, find the money boxes, get the merchandise that lives at Wolves HQ (not that much anymore, most is now at JKC!) sorted and do other bits and bobs.

I've spoken to my friend yesterday - he's got a viral infection with fever etc, so is not flying up to visit us tonight (understandable). Shame really - we have seen him the last time 2 years ago (he didn't have time to meet up when we visited my family in April and December 2008). :o Ah well... there's hoping to him coming up for one of our Wolves games (which is his intention).

That means... I am going to take Tuesday/Wednesday time for some scrapping as I've pushed my working days to Thursday/Friday. :) Monday will be tough because we won't be home until about 4:30pm I'd assume (Superbowl doesn't kick off until 11pm on Sunday!) and then we have our annual Post Superbowl Wolves AYCE buffet - this year at Jimmy Chungs (past years were at Pizza Hut).

And no, I've NOT finished the Wolves scrapbooks. Considering the Superbowl party is at Sportsters and there's usually a lot of alcohol/drinks/food involved I thought it's not the best thing to take them down. My new target is Wolves Training Camp on 10-12 April. Should be do-able, eh? ;) Considering that I am promising to get the 2004-2007 (now 2008) up to date since ... err... 2005.. yeah. :) Keep your fingers crossed for me that I will manage it this time.

Today was also the last day of Stampers' Grove. :o I went over to say my goodbyes to Rebekah (and bought a couple more things, including the "add ons" to the large metal pumpkin lamp she gave me for free in December). I've been a loyal customer since 1999 and have been to several of their classes too. That's an era gone now ... :( DH will be glad that I won't spend that much "impulsive" shopping anymore mind. ;) SHARON (and everyone else who's interested): The Heritage stamps/designs have been passed on to a lady in Dundee. I will see if I can get further info from Rebekah and will let you know.

Ok... chicken is in the slow cooker (I skinned a bought's totally "nekkid" now and "tanning" itself... LOL) and I think I'll have a go at more Season ticket stamping.

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