Friday, 23 January 2009

Feeling better... wahey!! :)

Still feelling as if I've been flogged yesterday (always have that after a bout of migraine, my muscles just tense because of the pain and I have to deal with the soreness the day after) but at least no headache. :)

Have started to sort out some stuff in the master bedroom which has just massed up somehow. Think this is a 2 - 3 day job though to go through everything on my side of the room. Not touching DH's side so I don't chuck anything out that he needs... ;)

Weather is not the best ... :( Looks rainy... what news are that? >:( It's to warm to turn to snow, so that ain't gonna happen. Will be going to the gym later though. :)

And tonight I'll pick up DH and we'll go to the cinema to see "Frost Nixon". Now back to me catching up with "John Adams" on SKY+. DH watched it but I have missed it the first time round.

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