Thursday, 22 January 2009

I know, I know ...

haven't been blogging lately, but haven't been feeling like it either. Weird week for me, feeling a bit in a slump and have a to do list that's far too long for my liking.

The 12-hour crop on Saturday at the Dean Parish Church was great as ever ... unfortunately my PC was very slow Saturday morning so I couldn't print all the Wolves photos I wanted to scrap. Effectively it was a lot of organising, taking photos in the graveyard and doing a double LO for me ... in 12 hours. :o Couldn't think of what to do without the photos to scrap, so rather left it be. :) But hey, managed to do one DLO at least. :) Will take photo and post asap.

Had a good chat with Mark, the minister, as well, as with the closing of "Stampers Grove" we've been thinking of having the Church as our regular venue now as there's more light, comfy seets, nice tables and a kitchen. :) Soooo...he has to speak to the treasurer first about the fees for us, but going month by month it looks like we've found a new home for the crop. :) We've been at Tollcross since 2004 I believe, and while we had wooden tables in the first year, using the small kidddy lunch tables didn't help - and the jannie wasn't always there in time and was adamant for us to leave at 4pm. Think it's time of a change, and the crop ladies agree.

Sunday was me back first time since Xmas break at the Wolves training - was nice to see the guys again, giving New Year's hugs etc. I'm amazed how many rookies we retained from the Tryout day, it's fab!! :) Lots of good guys and I have high hopes for the team! :)

Monday was a bit of a duvet day ... felt puffy etc, so did only a little bit (like washing up and putting stuff in the dishwasher), but that was about it.

Tuesday was work - and while I really prefer to get in for 8am now and leave at 4:30am, I'm totally shattered when I get home. Managed to go to the gym straight afterwards though. Then rushing home to make dinner - quite a bit of a rush, but there you go. NICE roast veggies ... tried brussel sprouts this time as DH couldn't get courgettes ... tasted actually good.

Yesterday at work I suddenly had a migraine attack at around mid-morning ... at one point I felt like going home and have a lie down (nasty aura with vision problems and tingling fingers/lips) but then the nurofen kicked in (thanks to Shari!) and I managed to get through the working day. But on the way home the headache came back (without aura) so it was getting home, empty/fill dishwasher and then retreat upstairs to the bed.

This morning I woke up with headache again - still ongoing from yesterday. Wonder if it's a high/low pressure thing again (I'm very sensitive to weather changes most times with migraine) and hope I'll be ok from tomorrow.

Decided against gym today but have been putting on 2 washes (OWN stuff this time - still got 2 Wolves washes outstanding but that doesn't have to take priority as long as it's done by Saturday ;) ), emptying and filling the dishwasher. Also had Chip coming around to finally give me the Mexican cookbook he's promised me for the last..oh... 1.5 years! ;) It's not as if we don't see each other nearly every Sunday... ;) And of course there was a lot of Wolves chat while he was here ... for about 2 hours. :D

Right ... have to get the next wash out, finish off dinner (bit late, I know) and then see what I can do with the kitchen table ... and then it's probably time to cook dinner.. or maybe doing some ironing instead for an hour.

PS: I HAVE been taking my daily photos .. just haven't had the time to edit and convert from RAW yet and load them up. Hope to do that later today as we won't be going to cinema tonight.

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