Saturday, 10 January 2009

Change of plan....

kinda thought as much already.

Car didn't start. So now I am currently charging the car battery (in the hope that works). What's the life expectancy of a car battery anyway?
Because of the cable of the charger going out of the house I cannot leave for the gym until I decide the car is a) charged or b) I give up. And then I have to do a lot of phone calls anyway to make sure we have either a new battery fitted to the car or a replacement for tomorrow's training or someone who can swing by our house to pick us up.


So...the pantry clearing it is ... I am currently "going in" (sounds like a combat? Well... that it IS!). Why does the pantry always look like a bomb exploded? I'm pretty sure I had a photo on my blog in the past (2008? 2007?) of the newly organised pantry but I can't find the entry (or the photo) right now.

Problem is that everyone in this household just chucks stuff back into the little room under the stairs without sticking to a system. With 3 people in the house it's a bit of a problem really.

I'm going to devise a system today and maybe I should declare the pantry a "female only" zone for putting stuff back in?

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Latharia said...

Maybe you should have people put stuff in a basket at the front of the space and make it a rotating task at the end of the day/week to put things back where they belong? That way you might also find out what is being used the most/should be stored up front?