Thursday, 8 January 2009

Feeling like I've been in a tumble dryer!!

I'm hurting all over ... maybe going to the gym yesterday after scrubbing the en-suite wasn't the best idea??? ;)

Soooo... I am going to skip gym today and go Saturday instead. Stewart (my gym instructor) said I shouldn't overdo it, so he suggested doing Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri gym and have Wednesday off. Sounds good to me and I'll do that from next week.

The weight is slowly going down, think I am nearly 2 pounds down in a week which is in line of the losing weight. Have to admit I've been nibbling and we still had Trifle for dessert for 2 days so that's going to stop from today. If I crave for chocs I just have to resort to the hot choc idea (not full fat stuff) again. Not a problem anyway. And cutting down on Caffeine is going fine apart from today ... really needed 2 mugs to get me going (well, I'm still sitting on the 2nd one). LOTS of water again though.

Currently dealing with catching up on yesterday's to-do list and then will look into organising the scrap area ... and then I have to PURGE stash. :o Ebay or so I think.

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