Tuesday, 30 December 2008

What day is it? Oh yes... THAT day... ;)

Yup, that's me another year older now...felt much older over the year with all the stuff going on, but now it's official. ;)

It's a weird day - I think since I became a twen I could easily do without it. It's horrible to have your birthday that close to Christmas and just the day before New Year's Eve. It's not really anything special.

Today started weird already - DH has smuggled in my present during the night - a nice body pillow - which is great! :) Like it, but takes a bit space in the bed ... so I think we maybe should go for a kingsize soon, just to fit the kingsize duvet we already have. Interrupted sleep again due to meds taking at 6:30am and then I had to get up at 8am again to get to the docs - I have a wrist ganglion since Christmas Eve and just wanted to make sure it's really just a ganglion and nothing with my carpals.

Spoke to doc about tiredness etc, and was given an appointment for blood tests with the nurse - just 40 mins later. So I got home, had a sip of tea, a teensy weensy bit of stollen and went back for the test.

Now I am back home, have started unwrapping presents (will post photos in a bit) and finished breakfast.

Another weird thing is that DH is at work today - think it must be the first time ever he's been working on my birthday. Not sure if that's positive or negative. ;)


Heather said...


I heard of someone with a Christmas-time birthday who hated it so sent out letters asking everyone to note/mark 12 June as their birthday. And apparently it worked.

I like your "jukebox" on your blog. Lucy and Christopher started bopping away to the music!

Dörte said...

Oh Kat ... ich bin ja eine ... ich habs verpennt !! Es tut mir sooooo leid!!
Ich wünsche dir von Herzen alles alles Liebe nachträglich zu deinem Geburtstag ! Ich hoffe du hattest einen schönen Tag und hast viele schöne Geschenke bekommen !