Sunday, 21 December 2008

Looking better already ....

Living room looks better - I've done 1/2 of the ironing pile and the board is now put away. The Advent wreath is out, paperwork put away for DH to go through and put upstairs.

More decos up as well... just need to figure out where to put the wooden Advent calendar... think I may actually leave it this year? Mmmmh... we'll see.

Still a few more things to do - the tree is still outside and will stay there until Christmas Eve - and I hope it's soaking up a lot of water so won't lose needles.

The lights in the kitchen need to be put up still, but DH has already put up the Santa & Sleigh Window Light thingy in the spare bedroom.

Tired now, and think I'll be off to bed in a bit - tomorrow/Tuesday is work, and I checked with a colleague ... no dress down until Christmas Eve... :( GRRRR!!! Well.. glad I did the ironing then!!

Photos of the before and after of the living room will follow in a bit. :)

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