Monday, 15 December 2008

Only 9/10 days to go!!

Now that's a scary thought!! Still have to do the UK part of cards - mostly shop bought though) and a couple of hand made cards.

Hoping to get the living room decorated today - lots of ironing to be done over the days, but should be ok.

Stollen is done though - WAHEY!! Made the dought yesterday and put it in the oven this morning with the new Stollen baking tin. Looks good, and only needs the icing sugar on top. :)

DH is ill with a nasty cold (and I think it's a bit more than just a man flu this time) and I am not feeling 100% either. Like a cold stuck in my body but not coming out yet.

Oh ... typing on my new notebook we got yesterday btw. My old notebook has been having lots of hicups over the last couple of weeks, and as I had sent it off to repair last year November because of problems with the hard drive (and lost several days of photos - specially the ones from BritBowl XXI and my trip to London) DH and I decided I needed a new one (considering I was trying to get the photos edited after each away game and my old lappy didn't have enough capacity for Photoshop). FORTUNATELY I've backed up all photos and important documents onto my external hard drive.... so no photo loss again. :)

New Laptop is a Vista though ... think it takes a bit of getting used to, although I quite like the new sidebar thingy. :)

Oh ... this new beauty is another trusted computer from Aldi - nearly all of our PCs at home are now Medions and we're very happy with them.


C D said...

Vista... I've been using it at work for a couple months - what a pain. Along with MSOffice 2007, another pain! It took me forever to figure out the round circle in the top left of the screen was the save, save as, print, etc... multi-purpose button -- before figuring THAT out I was spending huge chunks of time trying to find the buttons... I made my own "shortcut" bar at the top of the screen -- undo, print preview, new document, headers & footers... things I use ALL the time for work.

Good Luck!! :D
Happy Christmas!!

Latharia said...

Good luck keeping on top of all of your Christmas preparations. :) Have you seen "Man Cold" by Man Stroke Woman? If not, look it up on You Tube. :D