Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sales??? No WAY!!

Well... after gym I went food shopping, and actually decided to have a look for sales bargains at The Gyle.

So tried to work my way from the back forward to Morrisons, but while spending around 45 mins in M&S there was NO WAY I was able to get anything... they had sales racks dotted all over the place, and those were just mix and match with blouses/tops/trousers/skirts all on ONE rail!! Not to mention the chaos of sizes!! No need to say I came out without a purchase.

Had a looksie at the smaller shops (Next, Monsoon etc.) but couldn't find anything I really liked with a price I liked (was actually hoping for work trousers), so that was that. Then popped into The Body Shop, WHSmiths & WHSmiths Books and Zavvie - nothing.

The only non-food item I purchased today was at Morrisons and it was one of those draft pillow thingies with cats & dogs (thought it was very fitting ;) ).

Really glad that I am more and more picky with the stuff I am buying!! :D

Came back home to a birthday card from Sharon (thanks, hun!!! Are those stamps on the overlay and inside??) and the Christmas present from Markus (weird - the birthday present arrived in time yesterday. ;) ) which I have yet to unwrap.

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sharonfruit said...

Glad the card arrived safely. Sorry it was late - I didn't manage to post it until I got back from Graeme's parents.

The overlays were pre-printed ones that came with a kit. Cool though! I loved the star clips too :o)