Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bit chaotic day...

Done bits from today's to do list but still haven't been able to send off the US cards & packets... they will be New Year's pressies then... :o

Managed 2 cards so far (still more to do) and have wrapped the Secret Santa pressies for both work and the crop. Also wrapped my BIL's pressie from my mum. So lots of wrapping. And I've hung up my tea advent calendar. :) Only put 13 packets on this time - never will catch up with teas from Dec 1 to Dec 10!! ;) Bought enough tea sample packets to make up enough days with the ones I had left from last year.

Then at 2.20pm I dashed out to Stampers' Grove to say "Good bye" to Rebekah and Kim (although I'll probably see them before the shop closes for good - still have to swap e-mail addies!) and to pick up Xmas pressies for myself bought on behalf of DH and grannie. :)

And the funny thing - I have been searching the house like stupid the week before we went to Germany for the pressie for my dad & Jutta ... something I started to make at Stampers' Grove. And I couldn't find it AT ALL!!! Really thought I lost the plot at that point (ok, and the study/scraproom is WAY too untidy ... errrm... that's a far too nice a word for the state this room is in!!). But when I was at the shop Rebekah produced the poly bag with the instructions etc. PHEW! Still in time to finish and send the pressie off tomorrow!! :D WAHEY!!!

Another good thing - Michaela from the German Scrap Forum finally got her Birthday present from me. I sent it off on the 24th November and Royal Mail told me it would be in Germany by 29th. NOTHING. Not until TODAY!!! Blinking Customs opened it and kept it for a bit. Can't believe they do that for inter-European parcels as well now, specially around Xmas!!! Anyway, she got it, she loved it... wahey! :D

The other reason for me to not getting several items on my list done was an "emergency shopping" for DH. He called me during his lunch break to tell me that the Lidl close to my work is absolutely **** for the German Xmas Foodie Stuff. So I offered to pop into the one at the Cinema as it's on the way to Rebekah's.

Guess what - NOT MUCH THERE EITHER!!! And that's a bigger Lidl and usually has EVERYTHING you can't get in the other shops!! SOLD OUT! Next to no Stollen, definitely no Stollen bits (DH wanted that for his work), no Gluehwein (now that's sacrilege!! ;) ) and the other things were low in stock or not there either. So I purchased a couple of packets of Nuernberger Lebkuchen (round ones - enough for DH and myself to take to our respective work places) and tried to phone DH at his work and mobile to explain the situation. He called me back while I was at Stampers' Grove and I offered to pop into the Lidl further out west. ... That's where I eventually got 2 big Stollen (DH will cut up and take to work), squishy cream (for the Stollen) and chocolate covered Lebkuchen bits (shaped ones)... and Gluehwein!! :)

So... was more a travelling around than actually doing stuff. But I am sure I will be able to catch up tonight and tomorrow with some of the deadline stuff (posting cards/presents plus packing scrap bag).

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