Wednesday, 31 December 2008

HAPPY HOGMANAY to you all!!

Just finished eating Raclette and now have retreated to the living room watching TV (Reece Witherspoon on BBC2 - "Just Like Heaven").

May have crisps/doritos and dips later, as well as our dessert (well, that's earlier than the crisps). Then off to find a nice big blankie we can hang over the living room doors to prevent any light going out ... don't really fancy having any drunk revellers around. :)

As for fireworks - today was fully overcast, so I doubt that I will be able to take any photos of the BIG fireworks, but may get some if our neighbours are putting some up for the kids. :)

This year is the first in about 5 years (?) that we WON'T have rain on Hogmanay, so the people who are now in the City will have a nice night. ;)

Below is a photo of a previous Hogmanay Firework - not from me, I have to add!


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Latharia said...

Happy New Year! :) Enjoy all the celebrations! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kat ... I'll keep it updated year 'round, so you'll know if a baby is in our lives!