Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Back at home and not 100% ...

Woke up with migraine this morning and had to phone in sick - could be just the delayed flight, or maybe just a random one, or maybe it's just the whirlwind of time rushing past for the last month... who knows.

Anyway... feeling a little better now, neck is still sore (cramped muscles due to pain), but I managed to tidy up the kitchen a little at least.

To do list for the rest of the week:
  • Write German Newsletter
  • Write English Newsletter
  • Make Xmas cards (only family & close friends)
  • Write Xmas cards
  • Send Xmas cards (I'll do more e-cards this year though)
  • Put up Xmas Deco
  • Do Some ironing (maybe DH will do that if he finds the time)
  • Thursday nurse's appointment
  • Friday Clinic appointment
  • Go to gym 3 times
  • Prepare for Saturday]s Xmas Crop
  • Buy Gluehwein for Xmas Crop
  • Wrap Secret Santas
  • Go to Saturday Crop
  • Go to Wolves Training Sunday
  • Mgt Meeting Sunday after training
  • Catch up JYC entries (well... as long as I do a bit of catch up it's fine. :) )
Phew... I am sure I'll find more things to do, but that's the bit. At least I will shuffle it over the week.

I could stick to the advice from Latharia & Doerte though ... not to stress myself... ;)

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