Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tuesday Musings with funny tummy....

DH's feeling a little better but was all gunked up (sinusitis) so didn't go to work. I went, however, early in the morning as usual, but with the light outside barely getting lighter during the day it was weird to leave the office at 3:30pm and outside being nearly dark again. :o Not feeling 100%, my tummy felt like I didn't have anything to eat at all, but that feeling was higher up - so a mix of niggling hunger and heartburn? Can't even describe it properly. Add to that a blocked nose and somehow the feeling a cold is "stuck" inside your body but hasn't found a way out yet and you know how I feel. :( So ... needless to say I didn't go to the gym today.

Hope I'll feel better tomorrow - don't think I'd stay at home - not feeling bad enough for that - but really need stuff done (2nd class posting is on Thursday, and I wanted to make some more cards as well ... plus have to write the English Newsletter... :0 ).

Bought a mag last week at Sainsburys that's quite interesting for me - "Country Walking". It's not that far off. I quite like walking, I like the outdoors, and I have been doing a couple of walks with my mum (2nd half of the Water of Leith Walk) and my friend Markus (the Roslin Glen Walk),and wanted to always do more walks from my book "25 Walks in Edinburgh and Lothian" but there was always a time issue, Wolves issue etc.

So an early New Year's resolution - I want to do more walking ... hopefully with DH (ssssh... haven't told him anything about that yet.. ;) ) .. quite fancy the Union Canal and also the West Highland Way... but think I'll start with the Corstorphine Hill walk and the 1st part of Water of Leith? ;)

To make the whole thing even more interesting... in the magazine there was also an article about Geocaching.... heard the word before, had a small idea what that is (was on 5's "The Gadget Show" after all!) ... but googling and reading more about it it really sounds FUN!!! :) Specially as there seem to be caches close to my mum's place as well... could be a FAB thing to do with my nephew and sis plus mum once she's able to walk more without getting out of breath.

Anyone of my readers doing geocaching???


Lars said...

Haven't looked for them but there are supposed to be geocaches at juniper Green on the Water of Leith.......sounds like fun.

Heather said...

I read up on geocahing earlier in the year (there is/was a thread on UKS) but decided the kids are too young and the GPS equipment (Garmin e-trex etc.) needed too pricey at the mo.

sharonfruit said...

Geocaching does sound fun and it ties in nicely with your country walks. I wish I was there so I could come with you :o(

Graeme has GPS on his mobile now, so we should do some round London!

S xx

Sarah said...

me, me, I geocache :)