Wednesday, 24 December 2008

4pm @ Christmas Central

Geesh... this year is really not our year with Christmas...

Duck is at least defrosted, but we got a crooked tree... and our tree stand doesn't like it... and the tree was too long in the water while outside, so the trunk is soft and the clamps don't work it properly.

Ah well... suppose... even a crooked tree is nice. ;) Looks a bit diagonal, but we can't do anything about it - if we'd change the stance then it would topple over.

At moments like this I wonder why I still insist on the 6ft real tree ... and the duck/goose for food. Maybe I should just introduce Frankfurters and Potato salad for Christmas Eve, given that we have turkey at the inlaws anyway????

NAWH! I stick to my guns with the tree and the bird! ;) And I am not that stressed ... tree still needs trimming, and the cooking needs to be started soon as well, but hey! It's all on course ... I think.

Currently doing my 2nd batch of cookies ("Vanillekipferl" - Vanilla crescents), and depending how long the bird needs in the oven I just bake them tomorrow morning. :)


As for the tree... it's somehow charming... and the tree top spire is on it, so that's a bonus. Hopefully we will need to go for a small tree for the next couple of months anyway - for good reasons. ;)

Off to check the duck recipe and then chase DH for tree trimming and wrapping my presents... ;)

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