Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Aren't we an early bird!!!

Yep... that's me! Up and about since 5:45am ... and that on a WORK DAY! Usually I'm tired as it is when it comes to 6:30am, but today I woke up with a headache around 4:30am (fortunately it's gone) and then only could sleep for another hour. Means I had enough time to re-heat our Brussel Sprouts soup for lunches (just in case Heather can't meet up for lunch) and have my porridge for breakfast I skipped yesterday (well.. I had some raisin bread instead).

Backing up of the old lappy went ok, still have a couple more files to go but think everything more or less should be safe. Fortunately, I've been backing up my photos regularly now. :)

Will leave for work earlier than usual today - the perks of a temp - you don't really have to stick to the core times as long as you do your hours (helps that I am not covering the mentor line).

Plans for today? I am toying with the idea to go to the Gyle after work, as we still need something small for the outlaws *grin* and I just feel "mad" enough to join the mad shopping dash of people. :)

Wrapping the last of presents and then maybe some scrapping even? Who knows?

Oh! And bake some cookies!! Easy ones, the "Engelsaugen" ("Angel Eyes") - sugar cookies with jam. For my "Vanillekipferl" I think I'll need some more time so will leave that for tomorrow ... Christmas Eve (*GASP!*).

Well...off to finish my porridge and tea and then off to work it is...

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