Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Running out of time... :o

Yup... our house is still not decorated at all, and I am running out of time to do anything before we're off.

So ... I decided not to stress myself! That's a PROMISE! Originally I wanted to make cards & the annual newsletter and send the German cards out while I am in Hessen, but I haven't been able to do a single card yet. Checked the last recommended posting dates and Germany is the 12th, with US the 10th. The only card I really HAVE to make and send tomorrow/Thursday is the one to one of my friends in Australia (last posting date is the 5th).

Just doesn't work somehow, with me trying to get my gym work done (highest priority right now). So the bag for Germany is packed (more or less- a couple of Xmas pressies still have to go in there), and all German Xmas pressies accounted for (apart from that blimming Calendar I started at Stampers Grove... just can't find it!!).

I'm so busy right now I haven't even started on Shimelle's Journal your Christmas (but I am taking notes on the journalling part - just need to do the layouts) and - SHOCK!!! HORROR!!! - I haven't opened ANY of the Advent calendars yet (the standard Wooden one, the tea one (well... it's a little depleted as my sis wasn't able to get the refill this year :o , plus my Scrapbooking Advent calendar from Dani's Forum).

We'll see what happens tomorrow time wise, but I DEFINITELY WON'T STRESS ABOUT THINGS. There's enough pressure in my life as it is.

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Latharia said...

BREATHE!! No stressing allowed! :D I'm sure you'll get to all the important stuff & the rest can all wait!