Sunday, 28 December 2008

It's Sunday again...

And I decided to take off the Christmas playlist here ... it's only 2 days until Hogmanay, and I've got to go to work tomorrow... Due to the Saturday bus services I decided to ask for a lift from my colleague who's giving me lifts to work before... totally forgetting that he's usually in the office at 7am, which means he'll be picking me up around 6:30am the latest... aaaaah!!! So I'm about to switch off the lights. ;)

I've not been feeling 100% since Boxing day, first I thought that I finally get the cold DH has been battling with, but nothing really, apart from a tiny sore throat and a sniffle, but both only in the mornings and disappearing by lunchtime. The only thing that's a bit off is that my whole body hurts. So I can only assume that my cold has "imploded", i.e. is stuck inside and still won't come out. If I'm feeling well enough I am going back to the gym tomorrow ... just to get back into routine.

As for the current playlist - that's mostly songs we came across during our holiday in Orlando - always a good way to pick up new songs. :)

Will probably posting a couple of back dated posts on Tuesday/Wednesday, so don't worry that you get older posts when you're using Google Reader or other Blog readers.

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