Wednesday, 24 December 2008

12:30pm Report from Christmas Central

Ok... cookie dough is out of the fridge - next batch due to be done soon. Presents were all wrapped yesterday (PHEW).

Living room is getting tidier, nearly done there I think.

DH is out picking up a parcel (Birthday Swap from Anja) and does some last minute shopping for presents for me. Think we may have agreed last year that we won't buy as much for each other ... but somehow I must have forgotten. I just LOVE buying pressies for DH and see him opening them and the genuine joy on his face. ;) So... I ended up with a lot of smaller pressies (but think it all adds up to the budget). :o

Now off to do more tidying and then cookie baking.

PS: Guess who forgot to take the duck out of the freezer yesterday eve ... OOOPS!! She's now taking a bath since 8am for about 8 hours... ;)

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