Monday, 22 December 2008

Only 1 full day to go...

...and I am totally tired and sitting in the bed, watching "Fully Loaded" and backing up my old laptop (hoping it won't pack in during the process).

Problem is the getting up and to work while it's dark outside and coming back when it's dark again. Also trying to have a nose around at the small HMV at St. James's Centre - BAD IDEA!! It's really just a small shop, but when I saw the queue for the till going half-way along the shop wall I decided not to bother even BROWSING! At least got the vital items for DHs present, although I think I won't have the time to finish it in time for Chrimbo. He knows that though, so "Hogmanay pressie" here we come. ;)

What else? Got nearly everything done, but won't stress about it. Looking forward to leaving work early tomorrow, going home, preparing a dough for cookies and wrap the last presents. We've got everything in the house for the Christmas Eve Meal, Christmas Day is at the inlaws, and Boxing day is left overs. So no stupid urgent shopping on Christmas Eve NEEDED. We even got everything (more or less at least) for the New Year's Eve meal (Raclette). Love it when we don't have to do the whole "SURVIVOR" thing at Tesco's. I am always stunned when I see people dashing about suddenly thinking "Wait a minute ... it's Christmas Eve - I need a turkey! And Potatoes! And brussel sprouts! Oh ... and a Christmas Pud! And some booze would be nice too!"

We only needed one or 2 things last year and went to Tesco's - that's like going to the Christmas Sale in town. ;) So ... I hope we're ok. Not sure if DH wants to risk going shopping tomorrow or Wednesday... but I think I'll stay in the house getting stuff ready.

Oh... and what is that stupid thing with Royal Mail? Got their "christmas card" end of November with the info of re-delivering, late delivery and Sunday delivery. Anyone else got that? And today I had a card through the door for a parcel too big for the letter box - to be picked up at the new Collection Centre (used to be on DHs way to work at Russel Road - now it's at South Gyle!!!) ... not within 24 hours ... no... not before 46 hours!! That'd be Christmas Eve! Why didn't they bother to hand it to my neighbours like usual? Got enough of those! Or leave it in the "secure place" they usually store it when they try to deliver Saturday early morning? :( Not happy with that. I guess DH will be trundling to the Collection Centre on Wednesday.

I think he wants to go to South Gyle anyway ... say a last good bye to the TALK 107 Staff who have helped with the Wolves coverage over the last 2 years and now have to shut shop... Shame! I will really miss my Talk 107 shows ... specially the breakfast show with Scott Wilson and Liz Clark! And of course the sport shows with Mark Donaldson and Mark McKenzie. Thanks guys!
The last broadcast of Talk 107 is on Christmas Eve - broadcasting will stop at 10pm.

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