Sunday, 21 December 2008

Giving up on the new Christmas Journal

I just don't have the time to start fresh this year. It's the 4th Advent, I don't have my advent wreath out and therefore no candles lit. There's hardly any Christmas deco up, I've not opened ANY of my Advent calendars (Big sorry to the girls from Dani's forum - I hope to open a couple today and tomorrow and catch up... :o ) - apart from trying to do the 1/2 of my tea advent calendar and failing miserably.

Somehow I got very overrun with Christmas this year... and I don't like it a bit!!! :( Can I get some extension please??

I've got to go to work tomorrow and Tuesday - fortunately our Christmas Dinner is Christmas EVE and not during lunch. Still not sure if I manage to get things done in time. My plans are to reduce the ironing pile (which I've done already quite a bit), put some washes on (done) and get some more Christmas Decos up in the living room. The rest of the ironing will just go into the spare bedroom until we find the time again. ;)

Presents at least are nearly all bought & wrapped - have to see how I get DH's present done, might turn into a Hogmanay pressie though.

So... back to "Journal your Christmas" - I'll just do the missing pages for the current journal which I started back in 2005... :o It's not supposed to be a chore but some way for us to take an hour or so out of the stressful time that is Advent etc. Which it really shouldn't be.

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