Sunday, 20 December 2009

Weekend update

Yesterday DH and I had a long lie in, then went to see "Law Abiding Citizen" (GOOD!) and while at the cinema we missed the next snow "storm" in Edinburgh. :o When we got out it was all over and some of the white stuff (LOL) was turning into slush.

We then went to the Gyle to pick up our tree (Caring Christmas Trees - Bethany's) - a 6ft tree and this year I think it's not a "Tiny Tim" adoption like last year (looked a bit crooked). ;)  But it may turn out a bit funny, too - we did a quick decision as it was getting dark. I'll post a photo on the 24th pre-deco so you can see.

After that we went food shopping ... in the madness that is ALREADY going on ... usually that only happens the last 2 days or so prior to Christmas Day! I quickly dashed to WHSmith for mags (no crafty ones caught my eye though) and then got some "Swirls" at Millie's Cookies (DH LOVES them and they didn't have them for a while ... until this year when we found them on our stay in York!) - I kinda suspected I'd need them to bribe him to keep calm while shopping...

And I was right! Morrisons was a nightmare! People stopping in the middle of the aisle, walking less than walking speed ... DH not being able to find the White choc Oreos ... All in all we were just happy to be out again with most of the shopping to cover us until 28th/29th - and DH loved his Cookie Swirl. ;)

Evening was mostly me clearing Sky+ of NCIS LA and after dinner we caught up with BBC's Merlin (well... think 1-2 are still to be watched).

Today I've spent 4-5 hours ironing (YAWN!)... was thinking of doing some baking as well, but will leave that to tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll be going upstairs now to write some Xmas cards (despite me not wanting to send any this year but feel compelled to send some to the people who sent them to us - the usual. :o ) and do some scrapbooking (JYC catch up anyone??).  Oh ... and I'll have to google for tutorials how to cover boxes ... so if anyone who's reading this could post comments with links they are aware of that would be great! Thanks!!

PS: Today's tea from my Tea advent calendar was EARL GREY. :)

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