Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Birthday …

Think being born between Christmas and New Year is a bad thing.
  • Your presents are always halved due to money availability
  • People are always busy, definitely getting ready for NYE
  • You yourself don’t feel up to much and tired and all that after Christmas
So usually since I’m 17 there’s nothing big done on my birthday. It’s mostly a lazy day with doing nothing special, bar presents (and thanks to everyone for that) and usually a steak dinner cooked courtesy of DH (thanks for that too, hubby!! ;) ). 

I wonder … should I change that? Should I have parties? Should I invite people around? 

We don’t even have anything on on New Year’s Eve, usually our friends are either with their families or at the Street Party.  Shame really. DH and I have been in bed by midnight in the past years … getting old????

And usually something is going wrong on my birthday … so maybe just keep it as a lazy day is best?

1 comment: said...

Ah cool! It’s my birthday too! Know what ya mean about double presents! Happy Birthday!