Saturday, 5 December 2009

Journal Your Christmas Day 5 "Counting Down"

Advent Calendars today ... and I have the same ones each year, including a crafty one from Dani's Forum (German Scrappers). But yes, usually the wooden Tree one, a chocolate one (this year DH and I agreed to share one - just for the diet! ;) So we get the choc on alternate days) and my tea one. The latter might sound funny, but my German tea shop "Der Teeladen" has an advent calendar where you get a tea probe (testing package for just one pot) each day - different flavours. I LOVE that one! :)  Makes me take some time out as well.

My mum gave me one of the Makramee Advent calendars she's made waaaayyyy back when I was about 10 or so. I had planned to put the Scrapbooking Advent calendar on it, but unfortunately most packages don't have any way of attaching it. Ah well, maybe next year ... I actually got it from her (she's got another one for my big sis) for future kids ... but yeah... well... that still has to wait a bit. :( 

So ... what advent calendar/s do YOU have?

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