Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Journal Your Christmas Day 9 - “Traditions”

Traditions - Day 9

We have a couple of traditions, which are mostly from me introduced into the marriage … being German and all that (we seem to be Christmas mad by default! ;) ) and DH being more a Scrooge.

  • Stockings on St. Nikolaus Day (6th Dec)
  • Advent Calendards
  • Advent wreath
  • Tree up & decorated on 24th
  • German “trimmings” on Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Newsletter (although I didn’t have the time to write that this year! :o )
  • Visit the Christmas Market (best if in Germany!)
  • Disney Christmas Movies (yet have to do that)
  • Visit the Inlaws on Christmas Day
  • Real Tree (6 ft tall)
  • Gluehwein
  • Opening our presents and the ones from Germany on Christmas Eve after Dinner
  • Rock Christmas CDs (plus now Traditional Christmas music & Three Tenors Christmas CD)

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Pam said...

what is it with Scottish men and christmas-it's all such an effort..