Friday, 18 December 2009

JYC Day 18 - “Food”

Day 18

Christmas seems to be laden with tons of food, doesn’t it? ;) And I love it. Cookies, Duck/Goose, red cabbage, dumplings (so far the only time of the year we actually have dumplings – a German staple food!), Stollen…


Usually we have a traditional German Christmas on Christmas Eve (no bland Turkey!!!) and then on Christmas Day we visit the inlaws and MIL is cooking the traditional British Christmas fayre.

What I never understood is that with a dry bird like Turkey the Brits only use Cranberry Sauce or Jelly … why not opt for Gravy? We always have gravy with the Duck … you need gravy for the Dumplings anyway! ;)


Every year I tell myself to start the baking earlier … and every year I only start making the Stollen (non-marzipan) and cookies the week before Christmas or in the worst case on Christmas Eve.


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