Sunday, 20 December 2009

It’s snowing again… ! :)

We might have a White Christmas after all this year?!

NAWH… it’s Scotland … the snow will be gone in time for the 24th… :(

I managed to get some pics before the kids are back out to play and throw some snow balls … love the “virgin snow” really. Will take some pics of the front garden tomorrow morning I think – hopefully it’s still there – it’s supposed to be freezing overnight, so chances are good?


And yes … I know … there’s a bulb out on my lights … 3 in fact  … really have to get replacements soon. LOVE the Christmas lights though.

Can’t believe my Mojo has deserted me again… :o I’ve been browsing blogs & forums and reading my card making mags and still have no idea what to do as the next batch of Xmas cards (won’t be that many anyway).  So… I’ll  try my best. Got enough nice stamps for it!

Continuing to listen to NFL (TV is off to my right in the current study so I can’t watch while trying to be creative (we really have to move the study downstairs!!). Just know DH’s Miami Dolphins are behind at halftime. :(

Keep fingers crossed that my Mojo will hit me again please … I also have to do some other cards etc  … and a box to hold them as a Christmas Present … still not sure how to alter the box mind … Any ideas/links???

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