Sunday, 20 December 2009

JYC Day 20 - “Tales of the Unexpected”

Today’s prompt was for something unexpected, like a letter/Christmas Card you received from a person you haven’t heard from in ages etc.

My entry is for the Crafts Advent Calendar I did that year (2007 and every year since) with the German Scrapbookers … and I loved the experience … even more than with my fellow scrappers on UKS (ok … that might be a bit mean, but it’s nice to see what the crafters on mainland Europe are doing! ;) ).

Day 20 I got this Advent Calendar this year too but only managed to open parcels 1 & 2 – which is bad, but I seem to be in such stress right now … :o Have to catch up with the opening at some point … before the new year! LOL.

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