Thursday, 17 December 2009

A new "once a week" thing

I've seen these a couple of times coming up on my Google Reader and today I came across Deena's so I thought I am going to do that now as well... once a week, when I find the time! ;)

Outside my Window: It's all grey and slushy ... not snowing and no hale anymore either.
I am Thinking: Just been driving DH's big brown chair around town and could have stayed in the warm house for 1.5 hours doing stuff ... like baking... or wrapping presents ...
From the Kitchen: The smell of salmon gratin and my christmas tea. Yumm!!
I am Learning: I am definitely still able to drive in snow/slush. ;)
I am Wearing: Jogging bottoms and a fleece.
I am Creating: Nothing just yet - but hopefully later today some cards & JYC entries!
I am Going: to have lunch, then resize Clansmen photos and burning them to CD for the coach to pick them up.
I am Reading: Far too many blogs, Facebook, Forums and Ice Limit.
I am Hoping: That I get the big brown chair fixed soon for DH and get therefore more time to get stuff for Christmas sorted ... and that I get into the Christmas spirit before the 24th!
I am Hearing: Frasier on the TV.
Around the House: Quite a mess that needs sorting soon!
One of my Favorite Things: Stollen without Marzipan in any form! ;)
A Few Plans for Next Week: Getting everything sorted for Christmas!

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