Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas HQ

Been to the hospital early morning for scan post op cyst - all clear. Went shopping (we braved TESCO & B&Q (who are sold out of Christmas lights replacement bulbs ... obviously!).

I've put on another Stollen Dough in the bread maker (DH took half of the old one to work and we are giving our neighbours Sheila & Neil a piece), the duck is defrosted nicely (need to check for recipes for giblets now) and DH has freed the Christmas Tree from the ice bucket (and that's what it was ... the water in the bucket froze - no wonder, it was apparently -16 degrees Celcius overnight! :o ) with hot water and a hammer. ;) Bucket 0 (it's split and ready for the bin) - DH/Tree 1.

Hung up some bird feeding things for our feathered friends and now have my late lunch, then will write the last Xmas card (need to deliver 2 to our neighbours) and finish off MIL's Christmas present (Photos will be up a bit later).

At 3 pm I'll get the duck ready and then decorate the tree.

We're having friends around tonight - looking forward to that. :)

Next update later ... oh ... and Santa has just been to deliver presents in New Zealand! ;)

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